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Natasha Luna – Carcasse (2015)


1. Preludio minaccioso

2. Rotkappchen meint es bose

3. The day Naima decided to kill the french

4. Carcasse

5. There violas hanging from My waist and a meddin g..

6. Rinoceros et dissonantia

7. Phantm of the night

8. Le silence du loup

9. Naima, the Sunken dreams

10. Until we rot

11. Let rangere au grand coe ur

12. Lullaby to a dream



Natasha Luna – N (2008)

1. Not Even Vronsky
2. The Milk Has Gone Cold
3. The Frog Is Out of Frogness
4. Rêves d’absinthe
5. Petite Fille (Boîte Métallique)
6. Out of Machtecheb
7. Their Time Will Come
8. Someday the Lake Will Come to Me
9. Waltz for An Albatross
10. The Art of Stillness and the Slow Pupil
11. Persephatta